Save as PDF with password or no password

how to save file in pdf file format without password ?
1 : click pdf icon
2 : in the name tab, write file name with or without extension
3 : select locate file save folder
4 : click save
you can save directly on pdf icon, see picture bellow :

to advanced mode, how to save file in pdf file format with password ?
1 : click file
2 : select Export as PDF
3 : in the popup menu, select Security tab.
4 : select option a) set open password or b) set permission password,  adjust option security.
5 : click export

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installing Gnome-alsamixer GUI audio preferences

using Sound Preferences (found at System > Preferences > Sound Preferences)
In sound preferences under hardware the device is listed.
The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) is a Linux kernel component intended
Alsamixer GUI works and shows "Card: PulseAudio"

Configure your audio preference with Gnome alsamixer.

Open your terminal and type :
~$ sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer

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Installing Plugin in AbiWord

Goto Tools - Plugin

AbiWord can be enhanced in various ways by plug-ins. This means that functions which are very important to a few users, but not to most, can be made available without making the program enormously large. There are already a large number of plug-ins available, and this section of the help details those distributed from the AbiSource web site.

There is an AbiWord plug-in matrix at the wiki, or community-edited documentation page, and while it is not well maintained, it may give a decent idea as to what can be accomplished with plug-ins, and what you can expect. See for that.

Note that the most commonly used (and easily installed) plugins are often packaged as bundles for your convenience. One bundle is comprised of import and export plugins, which read and write various file and component formats, and the other bundle is comprised of tools and utilities that perform various helpful tasks from within AbiWord. These plugins are highly recommended.
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